ROSMUN Executive Team

Nicole Hazou
It is with utmost honor and delight that I present you all my most convivial welcome to our fifth annual conference, ROSMUN 2018. My name is Nicole Hazou, and I am privileged to say that I will be serving as your Secretary General during ROSMUN 2018. Our team this year have shared a vision for our upcoming ROSMUN, we therefore work to provide all participating delegates the environment to debate, grow, create memories and forge enduring friendships.
The Model United Nations carves out individual areas of our personalities, and my journey in MUN dates back to 2013. Throughout these years, it has developed from being an extracurricular activity to a central, very valuable, part of my life. The MUN is truly a prodigious opportunity that allows you to shape a stronger personality, gain public speaking skills, and become a better intellect. It is in environments like these where our future leaders emerge inspiring change which will eventually be in charge of determining the shape of the future.

As for me, topics like architecture and the human physiology interest me and deeply fascinate me. I also dance contemporary and find true value in theatre.

I finally ask you all to make ROSMUN 2018 count; don’t hold yourself and push your boundaries. Create strong personalities and create valuable memories.

Malak Hassouneh
My name is Malak Hassouneh; a junior at Rosary Sisters’ High School. I joined the MUN 4 years ago when I was 12 years old because I was curious about knowing how things work and happen in our world. I used to think that we live in a simple peaceful world; however, as soon as I started reading and working on different MUN projects I realized that our world is far from simplicity and peacefulness. The MUN has changed me in many ways from my way of thinking to enhancing my public speaking and research skills to boosting my self-confidence. When I first joined the MUN I used to look up to our past ROSMUN teams and think to myself “how did they achieve all of that?” but here I am now honored to announce that I am the Deputy Secretary General of ROSMUN 2018. Furthermore, I have attended many local and international conferences, and ROSMUN is going to be my 11th experience.
Apart from the MUN, I love reading, and I am a big fan of movies and Indie music; in addition to my interests in the technological field.
Finally, I want to express how eager I am looking to meeting everyone at ROSMUN, and I hope that ROSMUN 2018 would be an extraordinary, unforgettable experience that will always be printed in your minds.
Layan Ghosheh
As an enthusiastic individual who has always had this dream of changing the world into a better one where all people accept living peacefully together and embrace their diversity, I’ve had this passion for being a leader that achieves her goals, and looks for chances to widen her horizons and perspectives. My name is Layan Ghosheh; a junior at Rosary Sisters’ High School. I am glad that I’ve had the chance to be a member of our school’s Model United Nation club for 4 years. For me, MUN has completely changed my personality and my own way of thinking; it has also improved my self-esteem and my self-confidence and has perfectly enhanced my public speaking and problem solving skills. And in my 13th experience, I am having the privilege to serve as the Deputy Secretary General of ROSMUN 2018.
Along with MUN, I’m into dancing ballet and contemporary as well as learning new languages.
In ROSMUN2018 we are working to improve the quality of debate and conference practices in order to provide the best experience possible for you delegates! And finally, I am looking forward to delivering a memorable and high-quality conference for all participants
Linda Abu Alhawa
My name is Linda Abu Alhawa, and I’m a junior at Rosary Sisters’ High School in Jerusalem. I’ve attended ROSMUN the past two years as a delegate, and this year I am honored to serve as the head of admins; I have had the privilege of attending several Local and International conferences .Being an active member in the MUN club has given me the opportunity to make tremendous changes in who I am, it has helped me overcome my insecurities and fears, by making me stand, speak, deliberate, lead, and read properly.
Alongside the MUN, I love playing musical instruments. I have an interest in Biology which is why I joined the NIR School of the heart. I also love photography, reading and writing. I try to balance my extracurricular activities with my A-level program.
I am looking forward to working with ROSMUN 2018 Executive Team, and admins. I also welcome all new and returning participants of ROSMUN and I wish the best of luck for everyone.
Rozana Matar
I’m Rozana Matar; a junior at Rosary Sisters’ High School. I’m a 16-year-old girl who aspires to live in a safe, peaceful, non-racial world. The MUN has taught me to accept others no matter what religion, nationality or race they belong to. It has also boosted my self-esteem and confidence. In addition, being a member in the MUN club has broadened my knowledge about global conflicts that thousands of people face every day. My journey in the MUN club started in 2014. During these past few years, I’ve attended many international and local conferences where I have gained a lot of experience, and made a lot of friendships and unforgettable memories; This year, in ROSMUN 2018, I will be serving as The Head of Press.
Apart from the MUN, I love reading, dancing, and travelling. I’m, as well, very passionate about writing, as it helps me express my opinions and feelings openly. I’m also a sports lover who particularly enjoys running and hiking. Moreover, I like to explore new paths, where I enjoy every step I make during every expedition I go on; as it’s said, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”. Hence, I wish you all great experiences in every path you take. I’m wholeheartedly waiting to see you all engaging and making memorable times in ROSMUN 2018.